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"Learn All About Special Friendz and the Blessings to Bring Home..."

"Meet Some Of Michelle's Hand-Made Friends to Bring Home to Your Children .... Guaranteed to listen to their sorrows, complaints, joys, hopes, dreams, and feelings while they have a friend to talk to. Its a great way for kidz to express feelings and practice communicating with anyone. The stories are subject to change and other classics will be remembered again and other famous stories will be enjoyed in a different manner. This is good for normal children and special need children.

The flannel board packets range from $10.00-$35.00 and reflect the "on-line stories. And the "Sock Puppets" will resemble the characters of the stories and will be rather pleasant, colorful, fun, interesting, whimsical, creative, and lovable. "Gabby's Flannel Stories"=(characters/props)-Gabby, St. Gabriel, community town scene, her parents, home setting, sky scene, poor homeless family, and holiday related figures. The packet comes along with condensed version to present children ranging from the ages of 5-11 years old.)

"Stanley's Flannel Stories"-(characters/props-Stanley, Jarrod, Kelsey, the Woo-ley-Bool-ley gang, Hilda and Jaspar, Ms. Higgobatham, cookies, Ms. H's home, The Attic home of the Boo-ley's, the backyard, and the kitchen.

"Calistra & the Lost City of Tabatabatai" (Calistra, Salut-unicorn, Santos, Mr. Najafarai, village women and children, Ramon, and Elena, other prophets-Oralia, Yesenia, Enrique, Juan, Christoph, and Sergio, other senora's in the town=Senora's-Mejia, Reyes, and Perez, magical people etc.,

"Feel Lucky to be a Teacher and to Have the Treasure of Flannel, Sock Puppets, and Curriculum Ideas"...........

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"Sock Puppets to Warm Up Your Hands and Give A Little Pizzaz At Home"
STANLEY PACKET-6 piece set/Stanley, Jarrod, Kelsey, Ms.Higgobatham, and the Boo-ley's=$35.00 CALISTRA & THE LOST CITY-6 piece/Cally, Mr.Najafarai,Santos, and other small sock characters=$25.00 GABBY-A VERY SPECIAL SAINT- 10 pieces/Gabby,the Amersons, Arial, Santa, Gabriel, and other small characters=$35.00

"Stay tuned on my site to check out other new, popular published children (2-11 yr. old) stories modified into flannel and sock puppet stories. They will be exciting to buy and to be delivered to your home.Please add your comments whether you'd like to see photographs of these products before purchasing them.

Once you fall in love with this idea of adding sparkle, adventure, pizzaz, and creativity to your classroom or home just email me and I will forward you the address to send a check/moneyorder to me-Michelle Rojas. It will take about 2 weeks to be delivered to your home and or office. The flannel stories or sock puppets will be delivered in a sturdy Express cardboard box protected in a plastic sealed bag. There are no refunds but an exchange for another packet is possible.


"Happy, Fun, Creative, Groovy, Loving, and Exciting Curriculum Packets"

Creative Music n Movement Activity Plans for Pre-School and Curriculum"

"Lets find a spot to plant our seeds, then sit and watch our friends grow into beautiful flowers. Feel free to fly, crawl, play, and or run in Ms. Fifi's garden to bump into wonderful adventures....

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