"Stanley:The Chipper"

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"STANLEY: THE CHOCOLATE CHIP GHOST & FRIENDS.." "A Very Special Friendship Between a Groovy Chocolate Chip Ghost, Stanley, and his Sister....." (copyright 1994, 1997-Cherubic Press) (Click here) "Honeyarlene@hotmail.com"/autumn_sky_94@yahoo.com

"please go to www.cherubicpress.com to search for "Cherubic Press New Classic Storybook : Stories for Healing and Touching Children's Lives, (Cherubic Press, 1997) and look for this same story in the Special Kidz chapter.Also, take the opportunity to buy this 30 storybook for a cheaper price at Amazon.com
"Welcome to Adams Street, a totally awesome place where miracles do happen. Wow!!!!!! Look, here comes Stanley a.k.a "The Chipper," as you could see he is a pretty cool ghost zooming along on his rollerblades. HURRY!!!! Turn the page to hear all about his crazy adventure with Ms. Higgobatham's chocolate gooey chip cookies and to meet his best friends, Jarrod and Kelsey.They live next door, in a lovely comfortable home where there are treated like "King and Queen" of the day by their parents if they show respect, responsibility, love, and trustworthiness. Sometimes, they will help "mom" vacuum the rug, wash dishes, set the table, do laundry, and cook dinner. Even, if Jarrod is different and doesn't have two normal hands he is very careful at using his artificial arm.Everyone, in this "home sweet home" has accepted Jarrod and gives him hugs when he feels like a "freak" or cruel classmates joke about him. Although, they feel sorry for Ms. Higgobatham, their neighbor whom hungers these kids company since she's alone.
True friendship, sweetness of life, and miracles begun on a September morning when the blue jays sang, "You Are My Sunshine," the reddish-orange, lime greenish, and rusty brownish, crisp leaves fell swiftly off the skinny monsterous looking trees like snowflakes fall from the sky during winter, and when the blazing sun had a smile bright enough to show its sparkling white teeth.

Jarrod and Kelsey scurried off on the banana yellow school bus that Mr. Olingermeyer drove. Ms. Higgobatham watched the bus drive off toward the steep, rolling hill road filled with stop signs and cute scarecrows that seemed to wave goodbye. She always gives them a gentle kiss on their chubby cheeks and a bear hug. Though, they hate the long ride to Roosevelt Elementary School, listening to the driver sing silly songs like:Jingle Bells, The Mulberry busg, and On the Road Again....Although, it seemed like a long day having to stay awake in Ms.Tarantula's class they daydreamed all day long about Ms.Higgobatham's chocolate-gooey chip cookies for an after-noon snack.Ms.H usually spoils them with a kettle of orange blossom tea and a plate of her famous cookies even her own son Caleb and his family smell across the United States which tempt them to come to visit her. She loves Jarrod and Kelsey like her own grandchildren, she's a good old woman with a loving heart that gives unforgettable suprises to make anyone smile. Guess what? She doesn't know the Boo-ley's live up in her cobwebby attic, Jaspar, Hilda, and Stanley live busy, crazy, and ghoulish lives just like people out in the city; "They get up to be blinded by the sun , eat their favorite breakfast of Sloomey-Goo, choose an outlandish, funky outfit, look into Mr. Waloo's window to prep up for the sun, moussing their broomstick hair, brushing their fangy teeth, washing wrinkled faces with fresh goop, and Hilda spends time putting make-up on her white face. Its a mystery to Ms. Higgobatham as to why her home seems a bit noisy, and Midnight hisses as thin air as if an invinsible man is watching her. She tries not to be afraid and reads her Bible praying to God that He will protect her from creatures that go: "BUMPITY-BUMP-BUMP,GWUASH-GWUASH, PITTER-PATTER" "THUMP-THUMP, AND SCRATCHITY-SCRATCH-SCRATCH........" The Boo-ley's really hate scaring Ms. Higgobatham and they've made promises that some day they'd introduce themselves. Perhaps, she'd adopt their lifestyle instead of her boring one by herself. It was a bright and cheery day, when Ms.Higgobatham got in her baking mood. she threw on her warm, fuzzy sweats, smelley sneakers, and combed her silvery long hair to tie in a bun.The rooster hooted loudly and her special friends were heard scurring off to school. Midnight, her cat is her best play and resting companion throughout all of the house. In the kitchen, as she listens to the radio listening to country western Midnight sips her treat of milk. All of this magic she conjures up is amazing after smelling the aroma of these chocolate-gooey chip cookies. Please read the following recipe and don't forget to bake them with your parents. Just throw in these ingredients and they can be given as a gift for any occassion....

Mix together: 21/2 cups of (Hilda's face make-up)+ 1c.sugar(Stanley's energy powder)+ 1c.brown sugar(mud)+ 2 eggs (dinosaur eggs)+ 1/2 c.lard or butter (frizzling bars)+ 1 tbsp. vanilla (groovy smelling spoon)+ 1 tbsp. baking soda (volcanic solution)+ 1/2 c. walnuts (woo-ley nuts)+ 1/2 c. chocolate chips (mud pie chips)+ 1/2 marshmallows (Hilda's face mask)+ Mix Hilda's flour, frizzling bars, Stanley's energy powder, and groovy smelling potion together.Then add dinosaur eggs, volcanic solution, wooley nuts, mud pie chips, and marshmallows. Please grease cookie sheet with parents and preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spoon out the cookies with three in each row and bake for 20 minutes each dozen. Let them cool down and store in cookie jar.

After Ms. Higgobatham finished baking she decided to leave her home to go on an errand. A luscious aroma of forbidden chocolate travelled up to the cob-webby attic making Stanley feel better even if he had a bad case of the "furries" and was alone since his parents were at work. Hilda is a hairdresser at Hagatha's Salon and Japsar is a doctor at Fangy Hospital.Although, they aren't free because they must live under the Boo-Boo book and worry about the mischievous Woo-ley Boo-ley gang and if they disobey the Ghoulie Councilthey will be punished in the Dungeon of Damned Souls in the Land of Renfro where all ghoulies study their golden rules of living. But Stanley didn't care and commited a crime this same afternoon, of being noisy as to where this heavenly smell is coming from. Upon, getting home from school Jarrod and Kelsey raced into Ms.Higgobatham's home looking for their treats. However, they encountered an interesting friend floating in the air, with a big, fat tummy as if he ate the entire plate of cookies. "Oh hi... Huh?? I am so tired and took a nap, I must've pigged out on all of these cookies since my stomach feels there's a tiger rumbling. Gee whiz... I even have some chocolate freckles all over me.
I'm scared of the scolding my parents will give me for breaking the Boo-Boo book for eating "people food" and being friendly to normal people like you," said Stanley."Don't worry I'll be here for you, we'll go to the backyard to hang out until they get home. Besides, I'm a different boy too, since I have an artificial arm that isn't like having a real one. I was a special baby, having a "short" arm without a hand. My mom and dad loved me anyways, and later on when I got older at about 3 years old we went shopping for a "helper arm" to let me live like everybody else. But I knew there were mean people or children that would laugh at me and bring unhappiness. Yeah, all of my life so far I've been a different looking boy but I've been lucky for my parents to accept me for the special person I am. At least I'm free to think about my future and have the right to create dreams without anybody shattering them as long as I keep my faith in God and myself. Besides, we have to believe in ourselves and also be good to our friends, family, people, and whomever else. All of a sudden they heard a noisy chaos, as if Stanley's parents were home from work but they sure did look different. As they stood awestruck in the kitchen Hilda and Jaspar flew through the air showing off their "new" look appearing they'd violated the Boo-Boo book too by eating pepperoni pizza for lunch. They looked weird just like Stanley but at least they were the same and a happy family ready to deal with problems. "Why are you surprised of our new look? You should know mom and dad don't always sit at home instead we've been changing our lives a little bit. How about you Stanley and your chocolate freckles all over you? It looks like you've been munching on some of Ms. Higgobatham's chocolate gooey chip cookies. Well, don't worry because we've made an oath to bury the Boo-Boo book out in the backyard. Then, we will have a shin-dig with the Woo-ley Boo-ley gang playing cool, hippy and crazy music while being spoiled with splendor of having fun which is-"to eat, drink, and be merry," they said as the three new friends listened feeling a sense of peace, love, and happiness in the air. On the same evening, Ms. Higgobatham came home to finally meet her secret companions which she was ecstatic to do. She wasn't afraid of them but greeted them warmly and she too even suggested to have a party around the corner to get accostumed to the changes. It all happened in a snap, Ms. H's home became the attention of all the neighborhood as cool music, laughing, and the scent of a delicious buffet filled the street causing traffic. Everybody had a good time and the three friends only became closer and closer believing anything is possible if obstacles are eliminated.,...
"Everybody sees a rainbow when they have friends that understand them and don't have a bow and arrow to strike them with because they are different... All of us are different....... Here are some resources that I'm aware of and if you have any ideas about networking to form a Special After School Club please feel free to add your comments at TakeHome2 Page... www.inlandrc.org is an address I do remember as I worked as a "Behavior Consultant" with disabled consumers from IRC ranging from the ages of 2-24 years old. They also have support for the families with special need children, youth, and or adults. Besides its nice to take a ride to a more immense horizon.
"After School Club"

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