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These illustrations were done by Okaybabs Babeola from Nigeria, whom is a free lance illustrator and has beautiful Afro-American art work at Illusions Art Gallery. He has a B/A in Fine Arts and taught at the university very interesting traditional ethnic African art techniques. Colin Powell has bought his art work and he has a self-potrait of Martin Luther King.Please search for and you wont be deprived of admiring his unique art or websites. I made a "dummy book" meaning he modified these illustrations from my creation. ("work-made-for-hire")(copyright 94, 97)

This is the tentative cover page of the book soley. The characters are very contemporary, modern, and age appropriate.
"In this picture Stanley's parents come home from work showing off their "new look" and the three new friends-Stanley, Jarrod, and Kelsey are shocked to see them.

This is Ms. Higgobatham baking her chocolate-gooey chip cookies while listening to the mishap of the Boo-ley's.

Stanley skateboarding on Adams Street, is an awesome sight to see.

A beautiful border for part of the book where the text goes.

This is when Jarrod thanks God for giving him the strength and the serenity to accept his physical difference of a "prosthetic arm."

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