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Believe it or not, I created these stories after many years of writing rough drafts of these three stories by gradually using my personal experiences, education, other peoples situations or differences, and or places in reality or imagination. Not just anybody can be a creative writer unless you really decide to manage time to write stories that make sense or reflect society.

Yes, I am one lady but the three girls-Kelsey, Gabby, and Cally are a description of me. For example: In "Gabby: A Very Spec. Saint" the girl-Gabby suffered from bronchitis just like me and died from this severe respiratory illness. Gabby is also a humanitarian with a caring heart towards helping anybody if possible.All of my life I've battled asthma and bronchitis having many limitations but blessed with other gifts others may not have.Due to my medication, I have a slight disability of ADD and a chemical imbalance. However, I never allow obstacles to baracade me. Most of all, I include God in my life and believe in the existance of the "devil". I keep my faith in all things I do and try to have a relationship with the Lord. In "Calistra and the Lost City of Tabatabatai" the girl-Cally is very curious, ambitious, intelligent, and adventurous enough to discover an old ancient city while playing the role of a great explorer.Once again, I've always wanted to join the Peace Corps to be a hero in establishing modernization in an underdeveloped country like: Mexico, Central America, Africa, or Asia. Luckily, I was chosen to go to the Model United Nations Confence in MYC since I was so politically active and in extracurricular clubs-Key Club, Sobabans, C.S.F., Spanish Club, and French Club(Eisenhower High School) and a Public Relations Officer for the International Students Club at San Bernardino Valley College. It was real neat to meet International students on a VISA from all over the world and also at the MUN. Personally, one of my dreams in this life is to visit an ancient realms of a foreign country like Egypt or Machu Picchu. In conclusion, in "Stanley: The Chocolate Chip Ghost & Friends" the girl Kelsey is an ideal sister and or daughter always supporting her family and friends with love.Similiarly, like I provide love, support, guidance, acceptance, and friendship to mentally/physically disabled consumers from the Inland Regional Center.

Take a Look at these Beautiful Faces of Spec. Friendz and Don't Miss Other Pictures from Our Special Friendz Ring....If your eager to purchase these packets go to Takehome and Takehome2. Please feedback me and I will email the P.O. Box to send check/money order.

"These examples are just simple models what these Spec. Friendz look like in flannel. They can be custom made to satisfy your students needs from fancy:multicultural, rollable eyes, trendy clothing, yarn and or fake hair, accesories, to simple painted on faces or velcro attachments." Upon ordering these packets indicate on your feedback whether you'd like the fancy or simple packet which will range in price. Please go to Takehome Page to see the varieties of the packets.
This Great Explorer full of adventure is Cally, and she dresses very stylish in camp clothing and cool hiking boots.

Her hairstyle and persona will be changed throughout the whole story. As you can see she looks Mexican and very intelligent.Of course, I will continue to post models of the other characters but they are just simple examples. Don't worry these packets will be from product very high in quality and expensive, safe, and non-toxic accesories to make them more lovable. Each story has a set and the characters will be full figured plus the settings will be made from flannel.

This is my one of my favorite pictures when I was the Lead Teacher at Southridge Child Development Center for the 3 year old and 1st and 2nd grade School Age Program.I actually was very excited about the anti-bias curriculum implemented throughout the entire school and in every subject included in our curriculum-arts/crafts, science, cooking, language arts, creative music n movement, listening activities, flannel board activities, daily living, self-help, phonetics, mathematics, sports, drama, etc. travelled around the world to share cultures. The kids and teachers had alot of fun. Currently, I'm completing my Site Supervisor Permit to contribute alot of my talents in Children Program Implementation I've acquired throught my Lead Teacher/Asst. Director work experience and also the immense knowledge I have from my early childhood education classes.