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This is a story about the true meaning of Christmas and will teach anybody the magical ingredients of holiday magic. "Gabby" a new saint made when she was elected by Gabriel, an old ancestor and prophet in heaven visits her parents in their home. This is after mourning her death for too long and Gabriel decided it was time for her to fulfill a mission for her to gain a higher rank in sainthood....

It was a bitter cold night a few days before Christmas, the royal blue sky was covered with sparkley, diamond stars and the calm silence in the air, made two parents remember their loving daughter they lost ten years ago... Mr. and Mrs. Amerson looked up to the sky to follow the one shooting star while the monsterous, greyish puffy clouds caused them to cry as it begun to rain. However, in heaven St. Gabriel called upon "Gabby" whom is a special saint to The trumpets sounded and the pearly gates of heaven opended to release Gabby from her "new" home of heaven and to give her another chance to do good towards the will of man.The trumpets sounded throughout all of the world neighborhoods, but especially in the Elmsville community even Mrs. Emerson had her ear tickled. The sky opened revealing the pearly, white gates of heaven and a rainbow, that was a sign of a "miracle." Gabby, a pretty girl blonde girl with icey blue eyes was really loved and spoiled by everybody, but she didn't have a chance to help people, children, and animals whom weren't rich. St. Gabriel the same angel or prophet that worked a miracle for Mother Mary by the expecting of Baby Jesus, believed Gabby needed to visit her parents and friends after being dead for so long in saint-form.

Reflecting back of her other life before she died, Gabby was born to the Amerson's and she lived a good life with loving, nuturant, and giving parents that had dreams for her to get married and have children of her own. But to also care for friends, people, relatives, the special, needy people and accomplish goals of having money to live a comfortable life. They also taught her to share but none of her friends suffered from being mistreated unequally because of her other relatives or others had more Christmas gifts then her. Gabby was a normal girl everybody loved but she didn't know jealousy was around the corner. Because Gabby was perfect and it wasn't fair. On a winter day, Gabby decided to build a snowman with her friend Kyle, they played with the snowballs and Mr. Biento blew strongly making them bitter cold leading them to run in the house. She grabbed her chest and felt sick all of a sudden. Her mother, Megan became worried and tucked her into bed as she grew a fever gradually becoming too weak to breathe. Megan and Kyle lost Gabby at 12:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve...... Yet, ten years later St. Gabriel has decided Gabby isn't a perfect saint even if she is special. He decided to allow her to visit her parents and fulfill a mission that would serve God. Now, times are hard and parents or families no longer live like Gabby did. Perhaps, Gabby could help people and the Elmsville community learn the true meaning of togetherness, happiness, peace, love, and happiness. Poof!!!! Gabby landed on Kings Street just a hop, skip, and jump away from her home. Even if she died she still had feelings and saw some very sad things happening all over......... It was the holiday season but the entire community didn't seem to jolly or friendly. The city was old, messy, poor, sad, crowded, loud, and people were wandering around living in allies dreaming of miracles to happen. "Will Santa being them many gifts this year? Or what will it take to create a miracle with Gabby's help?" "Let your imagination travel far of what happens next or go to TakeHome to submit your feedback and or order the flannel/sock puppet. If you are a publisher interested in my manuscript I have them done. Please email me.... (Open the window to welcome wonderful friends for the season and or to give me good news of your interest of my story...) /"Creative, Interesting, Multicultural, and Easy Art/Crafts for the School Age"...............(subject to change every week)

"CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS BY DECORATING AN ORNAMENT TO HANG ON A TREE" Activity: The duration of this project is approximately one week and they can be proactive in helping with gathering the materials by bringing likable personal materials from home with the help of their parents. Materials: Potters clay (able to baked/grey) * non-toxic red, green, blue, yellow, white, black, purple, brown, and and any other non-primary paint colors.* *red, blue, green, silver, gold, and or multi-color glitter* *seasonal ribbons, lace, or regular string *shirt paints to make decorations *accessories to glue to bring character to the figurines-rollable eyes, feathers, beads, food related-macaroni, beans, rice, etc., *sculpting untensils-pencils, scapula, knifes etc.

Day 1-All of the children can be presented with an "open" art activity by allowing them to use a reasonable amount of potter's clay to mold it in a Christmas related ornament. The ornament can be from simple, old-fashioned, modern, original, crazy, multi-cultural, character-related, science-fiction, or anything that will look good on the tree. Its a good idea to have past projects on display but even more wonderful to motivate them to use their imagination. The molded ornaments can be baked in the oven to preserve the quality and duration of the ornament.

Day 2 Allow the children to create the "beauty" of the ornament along with giving them some ideas like the following to mold their ornaments into: trees, wreaths, santa and the sleigh, reindeers, north pole houses, chimneys, bells, stars, candycanes, grinches, snowman, candles, nativity scenes, etc.,


Michelle's Christmas Surprise is if you answer this question and email me, I will post some of your ideas and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize will get $5.00 off the packet ordered. Question: Look out the window on a cold, wintery day then write a poem or story about the best Christmas you've ever had with your family..... It could be one paragraph and have a picture.It could be from your imagination or your friends....

Go to Takehome 2 and add your comments of other things Santa could do to help families, children, and the world.

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This story is to remind everybody about the true meaning of Christmas, hopefully it will teach anyone about "altruism, humanitarism, love, unity, spirituality, justice, peace, and happiness. Lately, during these times of inequality, racism, suppression, terrorism, and other serious social problems children, teacher, friends, and families can use this fun, moralistic story.

By the end of this story a miracle does happen on Elmsville, when people, families, Arial and her family, and the crowd realizes "faith" in God, and their cooperativeness as being elves to bring smiles to many-will conjure up magic nobody will forget.

It was a happy, jolly, and peaceful night as everyone celebrated their love for Jesus and the good tidings He brought to the world.They sang Christmas carols and went to the nearby church to pray. Some ate their biggest home cooked meal for the longest and wore warm clothing underneathe blankets in shelter. It was like the whole world was embraced for this special night of Christmas Eve. While praying at the church they wished that everyday would bring everyone blessings.

The next day it was like being in heaven all of the "mommies" in Elmsville Community, which is so tiny invited anyone without a home a place to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas...They decorated the Christmas tree, opened gifts, baked goodies, sang carols, and ate another big dinner even expecting a little bit of magic..