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"A Great Explorer: Calistra and the Lost City of Tabatabatai"(copyright 2002)

"Welcome to Cally's Page!!! As you can see "Calistra and the Lost City of Tabatabatai"is quite authentic, fun, historical, mulicultural, fantastic, beautiful, luminious, friendly, loving, adventurous, and hypnotizing analogous to Mexico.Plus, this story is a bi-lingual story with simple Spanish words to teach school age chilren important vocabulary."

It was a hot summer day when Cally decided to go for a walk to Wawkin Lake, a lovely place to escape from everything since she was a "new girl" from Mexico trying to get accostumed to the United States in a lovley rural state of Kansas that reminds her of the beauty of her country. She loves to live in a cozy farm house with her parents and farm animals while being spoiled by everybody for being such a mature, intelligent, friendly, kind-hearted, and adventurous girl whom wishes to change the world around her......

The walk to Wawkin Lake was rather surreal reminding her of Mexico. She ate her peanut butter and banana sandwich listening to the sweet birds sing lullabyes. The miles long river followed the curvaceous hills and evergreen forests where she'd find nothing but mystery and the uncertainty of nature. The sounds of birds chirping, whistling wind, and the running stream tempted her to sit down and admire God's creation as she felt peaceful, healthy breathing the evergreen air, and escaped from the stress of a "new" everything. Suddenly, a lovely, goddess looking woman with long, flaming-red hair, icey blue eyes, and a tall statesque that was clothed with a white, feathery, chiffon-flowing robe along with a unusaul pendent on hanging on her neck. She seemed pleasant to the deer drinking water at the stream since he allowed her to pet him, though the slight trembling sound of an earthquake nearby scared her and Cally away. Upon reaching Wawkin Lake she decided to take a rest in the wheat field, as she laid down a louder and stronger trembling even frightened her more looking up at the sky noticing it changing into another atmosphere filling this spacious sky with an array or colors and an amazing, golden light that shone over the glorious rainbow as an ivory unicorn with sturdy, feathery wings flew swiftly through the sky then landing on the emerald green hill pastures to enjoy the crystal stream water. The ground calmed down and a silence built up her curiosity to explore her surroundings, once getting up she was awestruck by the transformed lake into the "City of Tabatabatai" and also was glad to see the mysterious beautiful woman at the Indian Trail. Peering into the lake, she noticed the same humongous mountain had opened a passageway into another secret society she was urged to explore a "new" culture. The woman approached her by hiking down the mountain and ran to her, "Listen, my child we've chosen you to be a "Great Explorer" ever since you moved here. All of us in Tabatabatai are aware of the people whom live her because we like to live private lives. I'm Santos, your tour guide and friend to teach you about our history, community, people, dress, custom, food, religion, music, entertainment, politics, and happiness. This new modernized society was blossomed from a once abandoned, underdeveloped city named-Sakatan. Santos and other native people were gypsies wandering all over then decided to build it up back again with a new, organized way of living. Hopefully, eventually they'd teach other passerbyers and or explorers politics....... Santos was a good storyteller for Cally as they roamed the old and new orgins of the city, it was so amazing to realize how people, rulers, families, wealth, races, children. religion, and other important factors hold together any city, state, country, or the world. However, the Tabatabatains were exceptional because they had some type of magic that filled the air and hypnotized the community to be motivated to work together as a team to make an underdeveloped city into a glorious empire that other explorers may adopt to begin a mission in promoting peace-security, happiness, modernization, and future advancements. Perhaps, this travelling experience was in Cally's fate to take notes to solve the problems she see's in her hometown, school, home, and any other public places such as: poverty, gangs, homelessness, bad families or parents, hunger, divorce, lonliness, hopelessness, and prejudicism.....

This experience also helps her visualize society at a different scope, in a manner that forces her to become a humanitarian by thinking of ways she could promote racial equality, and peace in all area of life.Upon entering Tabatabatai, she is asked by Santos to reveal one of her greatest concerns dealing with social problems that are occuring around her. Cally admits she is afraid of being different; having "brown" skin and features of someone from another country since she is a witness of watching mistreated multi-cultural kids in her school and wherever she goes everybody is always against each other.She hates to see a "war" between minorities vs. Americans, wealth vs.poverty, education vs. money, sister vs. sister, mother vs. daughter, etc., Cally strengthens her faith in God as she confronts certain issues and characters help her realize she is a good-hearted girl that needs guidance in order to find a fruitful life. In conclusion, she admits the social problems ciculating around her shouldn't be carried around by her instead she should think about unity, equality, love, marriage, children, and happiness then maybe she could play a role by working in a field that will allow her to be a humanitarian. Mr. Najafarai advises her to focus on her own happiness, love herself, and to shine the brightest.

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